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You want more qualified leads. Your customers want to build their business’ value.

With the Advisor’s Edge, you can both reach your goals.

How It Works

You’ll get the tools you need to educate your customers, showing them how what you do helps them prepare to exit.

With The Advisor’s Edge, you get access to a library of content that educates your customers and potential customers on all stages of exit planning, from how value is calculated and the obstacles facing them to how they can increase their chances of a successful sale and more.

You spend less time on client education and explaining the same things over and over to clients and potential clients. Potential customers who are uninterested don’t waste your time with unproductive calls or emails.

And if someone views the content and is interested in moving forward? Then you’ve got a red-hot lead that you didn’t have to do a single thing to warm up.

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Ready to Build Your Business?

If you’re ready to blow the competition out of the water, increase your profits and efficiency, and feel more confident in the security of your business than you ever have before, then it’s time to learn more.

An Example — John Gets More Customers with Less Work

John is an exit planner. His potential customers know they might want to sell, but that’s usually about it. They need to be educated so that they can better understand how to make the most out of John’s services.

John is busy running his business. He doesn’t have time for client education, especially when it comes to new potential clients who may never pull the trigger. But John knows that educating these leads is one of the best ways of getting them to call and become a customer.

Client education grows John’s business.

John can’t ignore it.

So John signs up for The Advisor’s Edge. He gets access to a library of content that educates business owners on exit planning. John chooses content specific to his needs — for example, a webinar about obstacles that business owners face when trying to sell. John then sends that content directly to the client.

When a potential client is ready to engage, the content tells them the next step in the process — contact John and get started.

John doesn’t have to waste time with tons of emails or calls trying to explain how everything works and what the potential client will get out of it. He lets The Advisor’s Edge do the heavy lifting.

John gets more clients with less work.

John's pretty happy about that.

Want to be like John?

Ready to Build Your Business?

Sign up for a subscription, and you’ll get immediate access to content you can use right away to warm up leads, save yourself time, and ultimately, build your business’ value.

Meet Ray, Founder of The Advisor’s Edge

Ray Croff is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and the owner and founder of numerous businesses. Before entering the financial services profession, he owned his own business with numerous employees, equipment, and real estate for over 15 years. Ray helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to build their value, whether they’re thinking about exiting or not.


Ray Croff

CEO Mobius Financial Advisors

A History of Success

This isn’t Ray’s first rodeo — he’s developed numerous systems and processes to help business owners just like you build value in their business:

  • Developed The Owners Edge — a patented process for organizing Owners Roundtables for the education of business owners on succession planning
  • Get a Grip — Developed and patented an online version of the Owner’s Roundtable

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