Module 3: Where do I start?

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Plans are designed to take you from point A to point B. Therefore, we start by looking at point A.

Key Points

  • Your Master Plan is significantly affected by your current situation. You should evaluate:
    • Your business health
    • Your personal readiness
    • Risks that can discount the value of your business
  • Risks can be assessed by the likelihood they'll occur, and their consequences if they do happen.
  • The Master Plan incorporates risk management in every category.

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What do you have to start with?

Watch this video to see what you need to evaluate when defining your starting situation.

Key Takeaways

  • The Master Plan begins by assessing your business, personal readiness, and potential risks.
  • Many risks, if they occur, will reduce the value of your business.
  • You can evaluate the likelihood and consequences of the risks you might encounter.
  • Risk management and contingency plans should be part of all your plans and preparation.

Next Steps

  • If you haven't yet, please download the workbook for Module 3.
  • Looks like you're prepared to get started with an evaluation of your "Point A!"
  • Move to the next lesson to expand your knowledge of arguments buyers use to discount the value of your business.