Join or Start a Team

Advisor's Edge brings 8–12 potential business-owner clients/prospects into a room and guides them through a series:

  1. Identify Business Value
  2. Protect Value
  3. Build Value
  4. Harvest Value
  5. Manage Value

The clients or prospects you bring to The Owner’s Edge will walk away with a clearer understanding of what’s reducing their business’ value and how to fix it—they may realize that they need to take advantage of more of the services you offer. You’ll also have a chance to present your services to the business-owner attendees and put business cards in their hands.

When clients complete all Advisor's Edge sessions, the Certified Exit Planning Advisor who runs the sessions will identify which clients are ready to talk seriously about building value in their business and making it more salable and more competitive.

If we believe the best interests of our participants are served by engaging with you, we talk to them about why they need to work with you and what benefits you offer. The CEPA digs deep into the client’s needs and discovers all the potential products or services they might need from you—not just what they think they need.

Everyone wins here. Your clients walk away with a fundamental change in their understanding of what it will take to build value in their business and become best in class. You gain access to a wider range of successful business owners who are ready to buy.