CEO Role in EE Retention and Reward

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ExodusComplink LLC

As an entrepreneur himself who understands how to grow a company (and support the people that power the results), Tom is one of the most experienced business planning professionals in the industry. He specializes in the design,  implementation, funding and the administration of executive and key employee incentive plans.
In collaboration with a network of organizations and top brands, Tom develops stay bonuses, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock plans,  executive deferred compensation plans and performance-based incentives for
hundreds of companies who want to:
  • Attract top talent for C-suite
  • Implement incentive plans that improve top-line results
  • Foster long-term employee engagement
  • Improve employee moral
  • Increase internal innovation and strategic thinking
  • Fund competitive compensation packages
  • Retain key leaders while protecting the business
  • Command the highest price when selling interests / transitioning ownership to next generation
Create a high-producing company culture where your employees grow skills, contribute value, think like owners, and ultimately stay

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