Is Your Business Worth As Much As You Think?

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Most Businesses Aren’t Nearly As Profitable or Efficient As They Could Be







One of the biggest reasons businesses fail to grow and fail to sell is that they’re not nearly as profitable as they could be.

How would your life change if you could increase your profits? How would your life change if your business was finally able to grow to its full potential?

Whether you plan to sell your business someday or just want to see your business thrive, Get a Grip will give you the tools you need to improve your business’s value fast.

Work through this course with a group of like-minded business owners ready to improve their businesses. With a team of experts at your disposal, you and your cohort will learn how to build business value, increase efficiency, and surpass the competition.

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Ready to Build Value You Can Harvest?

If you’re ready to blow the competition out of the water, increase your profits and efficiency, and feel more confident in the security of your business than you ever have before, then it’s time to register for Get a Grip.

Is Your Business Ready to Be Sold if Your Life Changes?

Many business owners don’t plan to sell, but what do you do when disaster strikes?

Are you prepared for the worst?

Most business owners aren’t.

What if you have to give up your business because of a major life event? If your business isn’t efficient and as profitable as it could be, selling might not bring you the money you need to move on to the next phase of your life.

Owners consistently overestimate the value of their business. This doesn’t matter much if you don’t plan to sell and life is good.

But matters a lot if you have to step away from the business with little notice. Will you be able to get the money you need if you have to sell under emergency conditions?

What if you don’t want to sell? Can it continue without you? Or what if you want to transition your business to your family, or sell to an outside buyer? How will the transition to a family member or a buyer take place if the business relies too much on you? 

If the business relies too much on you, all you’re selling is little more than a list of customers, branding, and some assets.

That’s not a business buyer’s will pay well for. They want the processes, the team, and the intellectual property you’ve built.

That is value in the eyes of a buyer.

Be prepared to sell no matter what’s going on in your life or how well your business is doing.

Increase Profits Now—Become More Efficient

The same methods used to prepare a business to sell can be used to increase your business’ profits now by increasing efficiency.

With access to a team of experts who can help you navigate this difficult process, you’ll walk away confident that you can put these principles into place now.

  • Build a more efficient business

  • Increase revenue and profit

  • Decrease your business’ reliance on you

  • Create a viable exit plan

  • Become best in class

  • Design your future

Get a Grip pairs you with a cohort of business owners who are all on the same page as you.

  • They want to increase the efficiency and value of their business.
  • They want to become best in class.
  • They want their business to feel secure.
  • And they want to help you do the same.

With your cohort’s encouragement, you’ll stay accountable to keep on top of the work. Working with other business owners will also help you to better understand the material.

And remember, you’ll always have access to a team of experts to help you understand, synthesize, and apply the knowledge you gain.

You’ll walk away ready to put these straightforward solutions into action in your business right away.

Work Alongside Other Business Owners to Stay Accountable

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Ready to Build Value in Your Business?

If you’re ready to blow the competition out of the water, increase your profits and efficiency, and feel more confident in the security of your business than you ever have before, then it’s time to register for Get a Grip.

Developed by the Best, Recommended by the Best

Developed by a team of certified exit planning advisors (CEPAs), including one of the best CEPAs in the United States in 2020, Get a Grip has helped business owners across the country increase their business’ value and surpass the competition.


Ray Croff

CEO Mobius Financial Advisors

Exit Planning Institute Dallas Chapter President
Certified Exit Planning Advisor ( CEPA)
Certified Value Growth Advisor ( CVGA)


Kelly Cousineau

Conquer Change Coach

Strategic Partner Coach

Certified Value Builder Advisor

Certified Professional Leadership Coach

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Randy Rua

CEO NuVescor Group

Certified Business Appraiser (CBA)

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

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Stephie Althouse, Ph.D.

CEO, Top-Notch CEO

Creator of the Brilliance ExtractionTM System

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