Turnkey Group Coaching Content for CEPAs

One of the most difficult aspects of running any business is client education.

Some clients simply aren’t interested in learning much of anything from you — they hired you to do a job, and they want you to do it, so they need some convincing that any education you offer is going to be valuable.

Other clients are interested, but they’re busy people and can’t easily find the time. Still others are so interested that they’re researching on their own — and possibly getting bad info.

The problem is that, for you to do your job as well as you possibly can, you need your clients to have some understanding of what you do and why, and you need them to have the right information. A little searching on the internet isn’t going to turn your clients into exit-planning experts.

One-on-one coaching might seem like the best approach, but the problem is that it’s labor-intensive. You have a business to run too — you might not have time to sit down with every client (and potential client) to teach them the things they need to know.

Your best bet is to get as many clients and potential clients as possible in a room at the same time and to ensure that time has as much valuable information crammed in as possible.

Your best bet is group coaching.

Make Your Time Count with a Group Approach

Much of what you’re educating clients on is going to be the same for every client. Many of the most basic principles of exit planning apply to all businesses.

If you can convince your clients to sign up for some group sessions, you can teach them all the most important information about exit planning all at once, saving you time.

However, there are more potential benefits to the group approach — if you do it right.

If you put together an exit planning team — a group including attorneys, business valuation experts, marketers, business coaches, wealth managers, and more — then you can bring these team members to the group meetings and have them educate your clients for you.

Why would they be willing to do this? Because it gives them access to your clients (who might then become their clients).

As a price for admission, you can ask these team members to bring their own clients.

The benefits of this are staggering. Instead of trying to explain subject matter to your clients that you’re not an expert in, you present them with real experts who can give them deep insight and answer any questions they might have.

This makes you look extremely knowledgeable and competent. On top of that, you suddenly have a bunch of potential clients (brought in by the other team members) who now also see you as knowledgeable and competent.

You build a stronger network. Your clients get the education they need. They get access to experts they probably need too. And you and your team members all get to talk to potential new clients.

Everybody wins.

Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to do the group coaching. What will it look like? What materials will you have to put together? How much will it cost to make them?

You can do it all yourself…

Or you could sign up for The Advisor’s Edge.

The Advisor’s Edge — The Tools You Need to Educate Clients

The Advisor’s Edge is a library of content that you can use to educate potential and existing clients on exit planning.

The Advisor’s Edge includes documents and videos that explain just about every aspect of what CEPAs, financial professionals, and other business advisors do in a way that’s clear and highly professional.

The content is extremely high quality and has been created by top professionals in the exit planning industry.

This means your potential clients will see you not just as a resource and someone they can trust, but as someone who is a true expert, who really knows what they’re talking about.

Get a Grip on the Value of Your Business is a completely turnkey curriculum that you get as an Advisor’s Edge member. You can use it to educate clients and potential clients on understanding their financial needs, building business value, preparing to exit, and navigating their options.

You also get access to a complete marketing package for Get a Grip to help you market the program to clients, potential clients, and potential exit planning team members.

You can join the professional preview of Get a Grip to get an overview of the program and training on how to use the program in your own business.

Learn More About the Get a Grip Series

Want to see what Get a Grip is all about? We have a 4-week condensed version that you can register for. You’ll see how it works and learn how it can help you get more clients and grow your business.

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