Why You Need to Set (and Track) Goals in Your Practice (And a Free Tool)

Setting goals is often the difference between long-term success and eventual failure. Sure, if you don’t set goals, and you work hard, you might still succeed, but without clear goals, all your hard work might be leading you in the wrong direction.

And even if it’s not, you might be spending time and energy that could be better spent on other tasks more likely to make your business grow more quickly.

Setting goals can help your business succeed and thrive even when times are tough. In fact, this is often the most important time to set goals — it helps you laser focus on the absolute most important aspects of your business that are going to keep you afloat.

And if your business is just getting started and isn’t generating a lot of profit yet, setting goals will help you reach profitability quickly.
But why? Why does having goals make such a big difference? The simple answer is that it gives your business clear direction. You’ll know what you need to be doing each day/week/month/year to ensure you’re not wasting time on less important tasks.

While there are a ton of tools out there that can help you set and track your goals, they’re not all great — and the best ones tend to cost a lot.

That’s why we put together a goal-tracking Excel spreadsheet that will help you set and stick to your goals over the short term and the long term. We call it the Activity Tracker, and it’s specifically designed for advisors like you.
You can download it free below. Here’s how it works.

How the Activity Tracker Works

You’ll find detailed instructions on how to use the activity tracker on the first sheet, but the process is pretty simple — you’re just filling in the placeholders.

Each sheet has spots where you can enter your goals and then plug in numbers for your business. It will help you track everything from commissions to marketing activities to CE activity and more.

It also has sheets you can use to track your progress week to week. As you fill in your weekly numbers, you’ll get updated information on how effective your efforts are and how close you are to reaching your goals.

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